Shandong Amtech Technology Co.,Ltd
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Manufacturer & Trading Company
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CBD Extraction machine centrifuge evaporator liquid nitrogen valves CBD Strorage tanks
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CBD Extraction machine, centrifuge distillation machine, evaporator condenser equipment, liquid nitrogen valves, CBD Strorage tanks
RM 507,Building 6, NO.166 Zhengyang Rd, Chengyang District, Qingdao,China 266109

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We're professional manufacture in supplying CBD Oil Extraction machine, the whole set of customized equipments and accessories. We can offer high quality and cost-effective machine, to optimize purification with efficiency.   We can be your reliable partners for:     —Extraction machine     —Centrifuge machine     —Distillation machine (Short Path Distillation system, Molecular Distillation system)     —3-in-1 Nutsche filter dryer       —Filter     —Phama dryer     —Evaporator      —Accessories: storage tanks,  sight glasses, clamps, spool, valves, condenser and other sanitary parts, etc. Please contact us if you have any interests. Give us a chance, we'll be your reliable partner from now on !